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If you're looking for Music for Outlier Choirs, it's here.

I launched this site because there's a need. Major publishers and distributors do a great job serving mid to large size SATB choirs. (Please continue to use them!)

But "outlier choirs" – volunteer choirs with fewer singers – who want something a little out of the ordinary now and then, need material, too. Due to the size of these choirs, major publishers can't justify creating product only for them.

Here's a brand new communion hymnCalled to This Table By Grace – just for Outlier Choirs.

Being somewhat of an outlier myself (or outlaw, depending on who you talk to), I have a sense of what works for outlier choirs.

What You'll Find Here

  • New music and worship resources (much of it is free)
  • A blog-forum for sharing ideas and asking questions
  • Work-tested tools & how to use them
  • Information & reviews
  • Subscription to free newsletter

Peace and joy to all who enter here.

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